The Best Vanity Mirror With Lights Defogs, Pumps Tunes, and Dims With One Touch | domino

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Built-in LEDs for just the right glow. Sliver Mirror

The Best Vanity Mirror With Lights Defogs, Pumps Tunes, and Dims With One Touch | domino

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If the mere mention of a vanity mirror with lights instantly unlocks childhood memories of your mother fluffing her huge bangs in a tropical, pastel-covered bathroom, we totally get it. However, the one mounted in French Colombian model and designer Taylor Lashae’s Brooklyn apartment is as contemporary as can be. The Lawson Taylor–selected piece blends effortlessly with Lashae’s monochromatic space and doesn’t cater to fads, something she tries to avoid. “I wanted a home that was timeless,” she told Domino. “I wanted something that wouldn’t age.”

Robern’s aluminum and glass spin is pretty much identical: It adds a modern sense of style and details that don’t overshadow the mirror’s practical elements.

We’re all about furniture and decor that doubles as hidden storage—three adjustable glass shelves are 21-by-3 inches each, making it easy to stash small items like makeup brushes, toiletries, and wipes. And no worries about overzealously swinging the door: The Robern comes with self-closing hinges for controlled (and safe) opening and closing. Another detail we appreciate is this mirror’s defogger, which keeps those steamy droplets from collecting on its surface. (No wait time between showering and primping? Count us in.) And while you get ready, you can set your playlist and pump the music through the built-in Bluetooth-enabled sound system.

Lastly, the mirror itself may lure you in, but the lighting won’t blind you (ahem, incandescent bulbs). This Robern model features two rectangular energy-saving, high-lumen-output LED lights. If they’re shining a bit too bright, just simply touch the surface of the mirror to activate the dimming function. Lovers of this vanity mirror also laud the lights for sufficiently illuminating a space without the help of additional overhead or wall fixtures.

If you prefer a longer mirror or can’t get enough of your reflection, there’s also a 39-inch version and a full-length version (the latter comes without storage space). Either way, you—and your very chic bangs—will be well lit.

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The Best Vanity Mirror With Lights Defogs, Pumps Tunes, and Dims With One Touch | domino

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