These Are the Cars You Want to Buy Right Now

2022-08-26 08:32:00 By : Mr. Jack Leung

Buying a car is pretty much the second biggest purchase most of us will ever make in our lives, and since I’m some sort of Millennial/Gen Z intermediate, I’ll probably never be able to buy a house. That means, for me and lots of Americans, a car is the single biggest purchase we’ll ever make.

That’s why we asked you yesterday what your next car purchase will be . It’s very important. We even asked you what you’re cross-shopping. I know I have some weird car mix-and-matches going. I just started looking at F-Type convertibles with manual transmissions (a dumb and expensive endeavor).

I digress. These are the cars your fellow Jalops are hoping to purchase soon.

I’ve got Mrs. Skipp on board, a dealer identified, and I have been in regular communication with the sales manager who has agreed to MSRP on a Core, just waiting for:

Toyota to announce the pricing/availability

The specific inbound selection so I can try to get one in the spec I want (Red or White/performance pack/cold weather pack)

Tire Rack to update their site so I can order some winter footware

The other penny to drop and for me to find out that lol I’m getting fucked no matter what

That’s absolutely sick your dealer isn’t charging ADM. Let’s home more do the same. Also, go with red. Red means it’ll be faster. That’s just science.

I really want a wagon since I don’t need a crossover suv or truck and my options are limited so I been thinking about like a Subaru Outback or a used Volvo wagon

I’m a car expert because I work at a car website. Get a Volvo V60 or V90 purely because they are prettier. Please disregard any other reasons not to get the Volvo.

We’re close to retiring to Costa Rica, so we’re shopping the “forbidden fruit” vehicles that aren’t available in the US and I’m currently drooling over the idea of buying a Suzuki Jimny.

Shit. Now I want to retire to Costa Rica and buy a Suzuki Jimny. I guess I will have to settle for wearing pants in an office building instead.

Funcar #3 - Likely 718 Boxster in GREEN

Adding to the “fleet” in about a year. MR2 and Genesis Coupe are staying.

You seem like one righteous driver. Green is the best car color, by the way. So, good choice there. Also the 718 is better as a ‘vert. All sports cars should be convertibles.

Certainly an EV. After 18 months of Tesla ownership, I’m pretty much sold on an EV as a DD. I am, however, not sold on the amount on anger and animosity I see on the road now. It’s almost like I’m flying a banner on the car inviting lifted trucks to drive aggressively and cut me off. I swear there are just a bunch of babies out there that see any avatar of change as a personal attack. Jerks.

But what? Right now, the top of my list is the R1T. But…I’m pretty sure I can’t stomach a $100k car. I’m very interested in the ID.Buzz, but don’t in anyway trust VW. The Lightning is also way up on my list, and “affordable” enough, but I don’t need a full-size truck, and frankly don’t want to contribute to the proliferation of unnecessarily sized vehicles. So, I think I’m watching out for an EV Maverick or Santa Cruz, and probably not buying for two to three years.

Get the Rivian. Money doesn’t matter anymore, and everything is collapsing around us. You may as well go all-out with a monster truck that actually exists.

My wife and I have been discussing the possibility of replacing our Fiat 500 with an electric car, probably a Chevrolet Bolt. However, I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with General Motors products and our Fiat has been just about the most reliable vehicle we’ve had. We might keep the Fiat and buy a fun car for her, since she doesn’t currently have a weekend car. She is looking at a new Mazda Miata, a Fiat X-1/9, a Lancia Fulvia, or a Lancia Beta coupe.

My brother in Christ, you must convince her to get the X-1/9. It’s Gandini-styled madness. I’ll be mad at you if you don’t pick that. Everyone’s got Miatas and most Lancias are all dusty rust at this point anyway.

2023 M3 6MT. I’ve always idolized the M sedans but never owned one. Even though they’ve lost some of what I’ve always loved about them (e.g., conservative/understated styling), this is probably the last pure ICE, manual transmission M sedan, and I’m now in a position to get one, so I’m doing it.

You’d be a cool dude for getting this car. I commend you. Make sure to get a fun color though. There are enough black/white/grey/silver M3s in the world already.

Suggested by: Officer Jim Lahey is not a real cop

I’ve got a deposit down for a ‘23 RAV4 Prime, but if the opportunity presents itself I’ll go with a GR Corolla instead.

No one has ever cross shopped these two cars, and it’s awesome that you are. That being said, if you can find either one at sticker, you need to pull the trigger.

My 14 GTI just got to 40k miles, with the new GTI being so expensive I might get the R, that or wait for a better electric car.

Get a Mk7.5 GTI or R. Thank me later. The 8's touch interface will annoy you, and there aren’t any EVs in that space right now.

I really, really, really want it to be a 2nd gen Viper GTS. Sadly, prices keep rising at least as fast as my “ridiculous car purchase” savings. So I’m considering a C6 Z06 as a next-best (slightly less absurd?) option.

A writer of taste, you are. Get the Z06. In yellow. This is a demand, because I also want one of those.

Suggested by: Give Me Tacos or Give Me Death

Probably buying next year, coming from my S5 Sportback. I’ve narrowed down my options to:

- LCI M340i/M440i xDrive - want iDrive 8 and other updates

- C43 AMG or CLE43 AMG (if it’s out) - biggest concern is ride quality, the last C43 was rough.

- Wild cards: an updated G70 (if they update the interior to mirror the GV70), CT4-V/CT5-V (again, interior update to the latest Cadillac interior language)

I considered M3/M4, C63, RS3, etc... but I’m favoring every day livability, and I live in Chicago area with the worst roads ever. I wouldn’t want anything that rides worse than my S5 in comfort mode.

If it’s me, I’m going with the M440i Gran Coupe. I know it’s strange, but to me it’s strange in a good way. Stand out a little, ya know?

Expecting to keep my current stable until at least late 2024 when the blandmobile (a 2019 Tiguan) makes 5 years old. Then if they didn’t screw it up I may be looking at an ID Buzz.

As far as the fun car (2013 TT RS) I’ll probably keep it pretty much forever unless I end up with more money than I know what to do with. The market for fun manual cars that would fit a 6'6" guy is vanishingly small and not going to get better, and anything above what I got is pretty much forbidden fruit territory.

I want the ID. Buzz to be good so badly. Also please never sell the TT RS. That’s a special car, especially with that turbo 5-cylinder engine.

Suggested by: My Little Metroid

Mercedes E400 wagon in white for me. The GTI is paid off and the 4Runner is 3 months away from finishing up. The 4Runner is built out for overland adventures and is not really the best everyday kid duty vehicle with all the mods. The GTI is getting small for my 5yr old twins. My real want is a Rivian RTS but it’s out of my price range. So that leaves me with the Merc as my new daily/kid hauler. Used prices are reasonable and I’ve always wanted one, albeit the AMG version, but this will do nicely!

Finally our commenters have some absolute banger responses. This is a good, good, good car. If I had a family (or any reason at all) I’d be in line to get one of these do-everything wagons.

If you had asked me this a couple of months ago, I would have said Kia Stinger. I have a while before I get anything, but have really wanted one of those since they first came out and good used one should be priced right by the time I get another car....

However, with all the new EVs coming out that are really looking good with some nice design, I could see ending up in Ioniq 5 or Kia EV6

If I were in the market for an EV, it would be hard to look past these twins. Their styling absolutely rocks. If you’re still in the mood for something more sedan shaped, keep an eye out for the Ioniq 6.

Just got an ‘07 XK convertible. Nothing defies inflated used car prices like “An old Jag”.

Salsa Red as Ian Callum prefers. My commute is like 3 miles. A bike would make tons of sense if traffic here wasn’t deadly. But it’d take a LOT of uears for an EV to pay for itself and range anxiety or not, no EV roadtrips like a big, British grand tourer. And really the 4.2 is pretty bulletproof.

My friend, more people should be like you. You’re truly an inspiration to us all. Oh no... I’m looking at Autotrader.

Ford Lightning. Hopefully. I already have a ‘13 F-150 that works perfectly for my needs. The plan is to keep it until it’s no longer financially smart to keep fixing it. Hopefully by then the next generation Lightning’s will be slightly cheaper and a bit more established with their battery technology.

That’s a well thought out, smart and pragmatic plan. I will counter by saying you should just buy a Lightning now, because that’s the more fun way to live.

Already have a deposit on a New Audi RS3. Just playing the waiting game for 2023 orders to open up. Probably looking at a late Q1 or Q2 delivery!

Hell yeah! Five cylinders of fury for life!

Suggested by: GTI Mk VII