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2022-08-26 08:32:22 By : Mr. Steven Zhang

Medacta International, an international orthopedics company headquartered in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland, recently received clearance from the U.S.’ Federal Drug Administration and Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration for two of its sports medicine products, the Mecta Lock PEEK Suture Anchor and the Mecta Screw PEEK Interference Screw.

The Mecta Lock PEEK Suture Anchor is intended to treat hip and shoulder instability by means of the refixation of the acetabular or glenoidal labrum to the bone during arthroscopic or open surgical approaches for fixation of suture (soft tissue) to bone in the shoulder and hip in the following procedures:

According to Medacta’s IFU, the purpose of the Mecta Screw PEEK interference screws is to provide a suitable and secure intra-tunnel graft fixation in ligamentoplasty surgery for reconstructive treatment of ruptured anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments by means of auto- and allografts.

Medacta CEO Francesco Siccardi said, “Medacta is known for developing personalized orthopedic surgery solutions and providing a high level of support to the surgeons who adopt them. We look forward to applying our expertise to this new area, the next natural market for Medacta to enter following the success of our surgeon- and patient-friendly solutions across hip, knee, shoulder and spine.”

Medacta plans on growing its sports medicine portfolio in both the U.S. and Australia to offer surgeons working with athletes personalized, minimally invasive solutions.

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