Witness The Strength Of The United States Navy's Powerful $500 Million Railgun | Digg

2022-09-17 13:02:54 By : Ms. Daisy Dai

The US Navy's electromagnetic railgun cannon was one of the most powerful weapons in the military's arsenal. Here's why they were shelved in favor of laser weapons.

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Where do the likes of Mario, Pokemon, and Call of Duty rank amongst each other for all time profits? We made a list!

There are dozens of dating apps available each touting their ability to connect you with a like-minded individual with your same relationship goals. But, which ones are worthy of a try?

Ukraine's breakthrough counterattack, as explained by Vox's Atlas series.

"I'm constantly nervous that I won't be able to get my medicine, and I'll get fired and not be able to find another job and turn back into a gross depressed garbage monster who hates himself for not being able to do his laundry."

March 15, 2005, was the last time Mitch Hedberg joined the radio to make the world laugh before his untimely overdose.

Carey Wooten spent nearly seven weeks hunting for safe drinking water for herself, her two children and three dogs.

Generational divide threatens future of tech firm as it seeks approval for $400m takeover by Facebook owner Meta.

The internet's most popular "Key & Peele" sketches might surprise you.

The Detroit auto show, once the pinnacle of U.S. automaker events prior to the pandemic, was sparse and nearly empty.

Researchers found that meaty conversations among several people can align beliefs and brain patterns — so long as the group is free of blowhards.

This woman does a dance and doesn't gain any new followers from this airport gate.

Things our editors love, great sales, games, useful home and tech gadgets and a whole lot more.

She had previously said that she had a miscarriage. "It had taken me over a year to understand that I actually had an abortion," an emotional Teigen confessed at "A Day of Unreasonable Conversation" summit.

Gamecamp.gg is a staple to save you money while unlocking gaming.

The series examines the gruesome and horrific true crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer and the systemic failures that enabled one of America's most notorious serial killers to continue his murderous spree in plain sight for over a decade.

My daughter won't need college in the same way I needed it — so should I plan on encouraging her to go?

Steve Mould explains the clever mechanism inside a gas pump nozzle that automatically turns itself off.

Take a look inside a home designed by one of America's most celebrated architects.

Their drinking habits have seen them derided as "generation sensible", but this overlooks the complex and nuanced reasons people are turning their back on alcohol, writes Eve Upton-Clark.

What an honor it must have been to see the great David Beckham join us plebeians in waiting in line to grieve the death of the Queen.

The upcoming book — soon an Apple+ feature film also starring Dua Lipa and Ariana DeBose in a reported $200 million deal — is by Elly Conway, a first-time writer proving to be elusive.

Disney's latest Star Wars show is premiering on Disney+ soon, and the early reactions from critics are very positive.

Consuming microplastics puts your health at risk. LARQ's water filtration systems can keep you safe.

Here's a comprehensive explanation for how Nickelback became so loathed.

Shopping for someone with exquisite taste? Here's a few of our favorite high-end gifts.

We feature loads of handy, fun and truly strange picks from Amazon every day. These are the items you liked best in August.

How did Americans become so obsessed with the notion of the perfect lawn?

Biphobia and bisexual stigma are ubiquitous and have been linked to sexual violence.

Why does a system that offers you more romantic prospects than all your ancestors combined leave so many of us feeling so alone?

These two extremely different songs have no right to mashup so well.

After long, perilous journeys, Venezuelans unexpectedly found themselves on Martha's Vineyard, wondering what comes next.

Man's best friend is surprisingly skilled at getting inside your head.

Tom from MicroCoasters built a tiny rollercoaster using a 3D printer and watching him put it together is mesmerizing.

Rap superstar Drake is feuding with the "internet's busiest music nerd," YouTube music critic Anthony Fantano.

From Instagram drummers to himself in his 50s, Fred Armisen recreates the drumming styles of people of different ages.

Right-wing pundits, landlords, and tech executives all believe they can prove we are amid a crime wave with just one more video.

The bad news? The boosters are getting so little fanfare, and so much unfounded skepticism, that too few people might get them, and lots of people who need not get sick, suffer or die will get sick, suffer or die.

Marjorie Taylor Greene had an altercation with young gun-control activist Marianna Pecora, where she appeared to kick the protester from behind.

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew dozens of migrants to Martha's Vineyard to protest Joe Biden's immigration policies, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library responded with a history lesson.

Real bonsai trees are incredible, but they require a level of effort we can't really commit to. Lego is a much easier option.

Magician David Blaine freaks out Jimmy (and the audience) with mind-boggling tricks involving cards, pins, nails — and another object you won't be expecting.

The Great Resignation has seen millions of Americans quit their jobs each month — but which states have the highest resignation rates?

This week we've also got a coffee chain launching crypto "coffee experiences," an unwitting NIMBY, a tired movie director and a guy with a questionable "scientific" take on mermaids.

The actor tells Jimmy Kimmel about how the late, great Ray Liotta gave him some food for thought that he'll never forget.

Winning images of the mysterious and beautiful parts of our Universe are on display in London.

The legendary supermodel traded the runway for family, mindfulness, and environmental advocacy. And at 42, she's just getting started.

Every single time Martin Short came to Conan O'Brien's show, he brought a memorable zinger.

With this revolutionary new tool, anyone can follow hundreds of species on their epic journeys and discover challenges they face along the way.

A number of children's hospitals have been targeted by a far-right, anti-trans harassment campaign in recent months.

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